Working on a page


You know, I originally came up with this series to push me and allow me to experiment in such a way that my main story that will follow this one, I think, would not. That one is just too close to my heart to want to risk. (working on that. It’s never good for me to get comfortable. I had an instructor say that too me one time. My first reaction was F**** Y** but ultimately he is right.)

SO, here is the most recent page. It is really giving me a run for my money. But I really like it. I dribbled the cement to create reflections on the walls and other surfaces. The play of light I want to really work with more for future pages. I need to learn how to work with liquid frisk. Rubber cement might hold on too hard when removing.

SIDE NOTE:Rubber cement erasers are rubbish. Just let a wad of rubber cement dry into a sizable bugger and use that. Infinitely better and won’t tear at your paper.