The things I gain each year, pros and cons.

2nd Year

It was full of personal achievements and soul, wrenching hardships.
I have taken back my maiden name, Nesrsta. At the first of the year my marriage of 16 years fell apart and led to me to seek divorce. Two dear friends let me live with them for 6 months. I grew closer to family and friends in my dire need, helped me heal and I love them more for it.


  • Stop being lazy and plan out all panels and pages instead of just outlining work out paneling at the painting stage.
  • Scrivner: THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING PROGRAM. Writing absolutely but world/ characters building, chapter organizing, etc is now organic and easy.

Thumbnail panel placement for each page
Sketch pages
Pencil full illustration on watercolor pages

Art/ pages

  • Chose to enlarge page size
    • Initially, I didn’t want to deal with stretching watercolor paper so I chose to use watercolor pads. The largest size sold is 9” x 14”.
    • Around June, I had a friend paint watercolors that she had printed as posters. One was “to size” and the other was reduced by 40% much like traditional comics and manga. I loved the reduction better and decided that I really wanted the same for my pages which brought up how I want to stretch watercolor paper.
  • Brown paper tape method
    • The method taught to me in school, not great but worked-ish. Paper tape, sold today, does not adhere most of the time and it’s the staples via staple gun punching through tape, paper and board that is really holding the watercolor paper down as it dries. Taking out the staples afterwards with pliers just drove me nuts.
  • Research new stretching method
    • There are many DYIs online and one that I liked the most built on how screen doors and screen windows work. Use piping to synch the screen or in this case, watercolor paper, into place. When it dries it will dry taunt. The crevices were created in the bard using a table saw. I do not own or have access to a table saw. I designed a board that would do the same but made differently.
  • My stretching board
    • Hardware cutting boards, sealed surface of board to reduce warping from wet paper before it dries, Gorilla glued screen door edging around the board’s edge and used rubber piping to synch in paper so that it dried taunt. It worked beautifully.


  • Color
    • I decided to restrict my color palettes. I noticed previous pages posted were blending together. I hope to distinguish sections of the story better and stop using every color in the rainbow.
    • Pushed me and I I really liked the outcome.
  • Size change allowed me to paint more detail and move freer with my paint strokes. I love it.
  • Paint type, I use more watercolor and less gauche paint. I’m getting more acquainted with layering in watercolor. I also love it.


  • Challenge – New size too big to scan, even in sections.
  • Solution – Camera making color more accurate too.
  • New Challenge – resolution cap with cameras I have access to. I need at least double for the posters I have planned. Future self will have resolve this very soon.

Future Plans

  • Hope to start up convention attending this year with Akon in Texas, USA and multiple next year.



First Year

I had a slow start at the beginning. Trained as a painter. Later became a sequential artist so my thought was that the initial learning curve would be short and I could quickly come to a routine and post every week. That is far from what happened. There were many obstacles I had to overcome.

  • Relearn watercolor
  • Learn new medium, gouache
  • “Student” versus “professional” grade paints, paper and brushes
  • Supply cost, high
  • Design world with predominately, crystalline features which is completely made up and requires more thought and design.
  • Become more comfortable with creature characters


  • Setup and finished off website with light coding in WordPress theme, ComicPress. Not prefect but works for now.
  • Designed, painted and posted 19 paintings
  • The medium and material continually challenges me

New Business plan
From singular postings to one yearly, binge post (What I wanted to do from the beginning but circumstances at the time had me choose otherwose. During December, I committed #1 webcomic crime, missing my first post which allowed me to go back to my original plan. Very happy).