A silent comic of a young girl/foal and an unique boy with wings set in a fantasy, crystalline-like world. Experience the children’s family, village, other various tribes, and many strange surrounding lands through their adventures as the two learn the basic, life lessons.



The idea really come from all over the place and generally from my brain shelving itself while at my first job out of school.

  1. A while back, I came across some images of seraphs that I think came from both biblical and alchemical illustrations in nature. The seraphs had eyes covering every part of their body (figure, animal and shapes) and wings. I was taken with the idea that this was against the current day depiction of an angel. It was a very creepy and curious and I loved it.
  2. This next one is a little weird especially since Belma is somewhat fluffy. I drampt that a slew of entities were sweeping across the city dropping bodies dead in droves. My dream focused on 2 persons. One was partially touched in the initial wave but didn’t die right off and was subsequently irrevocably changed creating a bond with the killer spirits. Because of that bond he/she was able to make the spirits follow them to an island and seal themselves away for eternity. The second individual was so close to their friend that they chose to share their friend’s fate on the island. It was the purity of their affection and devotion to each other that moved me so and became the foundation for Belma.
  3. Last, my love of unicorns from when I was younger, stuff like Uni from AD&D, Wildfire, She-ra’s steed, My Little Ponies (the dolls not the show in any form) and I have to admit the recent idea that unicorns poo rainbows. I felt it was time for my rendition.



  1. Usual research. I collect images, colors, landscapes, patterns, possible treatments or design ideas that may be helpful and/or find inspiring currently or in the future. I save them on egarbage.tumblr.com
  2. Design characters, clothing, structures – exterior and interior, races, places, landscapes, etc.
  3. Outline chapters, pages and panels.
  4. Gestures and value sketches made of each page with colored pencils.
  5. Non-photo blue (the name is a misnomer nowadays unless you are photocopying in B/W. I use it because it allows me to create light initial gesture work on my pages before I begin penciling).
  6. Soak and stretch watercolor paper.
  7. Pencil on watercolor pages at 16″ x 24″.
  8. Paint using gauche and some watercolor. (Prefer Schmincke, M. Graham and Holbein. They make beautiful, pigment heavy color).
  9. I use to use a workbench to do all my work. However, during the time that I was staying with friends as I was finalized my divorce, all my stuff was inaccessible. I learned to enjoy painting on the ground using a coffee table as I sat on a zafu.
  10. I use to scan 450 dpi at 100%. Pages are now too big. I now photograph.