A silent, fantasy comic of a clan’s girl
and an orphan boy learning about their
world and life lessons as young children do.

February 2017, next binge post.

Annual Summary, 2015, the year Belma became the first comic I successfully published.
I had a slow start at the beginning. Trained as a painter. Later became a sequential artist so my thought was that the initial learning curve would be short and I could quickly come to a routine and post every week. That is far from what happened. There were many obstacles I had to overcome.

  • Relearn watercolor
  • Learn new medium, gouache
  • “Student” versus “professional” grade paints, paper and brushes
  • Supply cost, high
  • Design world with predominately, crystalline features which is completely made up and requires more thought and design.
  • Become more comfortable with creature characters


  • Setup and finished off website with light coding in WordPress theme, ComicPress. Not prefect but works for now.
  • Designed, painted and posted 19 paintings
  • The medium and material continually challenges me

New Business plan
From singular postings to one yearly, binge post (What I wanted to do from the beginning but circumstances at the time had me choose otherwose. During December, I committed #1 webcomic crime, missing my first post which allowed me to go back to my original plan. Very happy).